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Make CBDC history in UK.



Apply before 11:55 pm on Tuesday 7th February 2023

Visit this link: UK CBDC

Key Points:

1. This is a real job offer by HM Treasury in UK

2. The pay is rubbish for the significance of the role.

3. What an incredible opportunity to make world history!

CAREER SUGGESTION: Go apply for this career role and make history. Who cares how much you get paid. If you go down in history as the person who delivered CBDC to UK and the world, YOU ARE A LEGEND. After you leave HM Treasury, you will probably be able to tour the world charging UK30k per speech.

Key accountabilities for this role:

  1. Lead a growing CBDC team in line with Treasury values, plus a core virtual team reflecting the cross-cutting character of the work, which spans financial services, financial stability, economics and spending teams.

  2. Determining and delivering the strategic direction for Treasury’s work on a potential UK CBDC, reflecting the government’s wider agenda.

  3. Analyse CBDC policy issues in order to advise Ministers on how they can achieve their ambitions.

  4. Work closely with a wide array of stakeholders including other teams across the Treasury, the Bank of England, Cabinet Office, No10, wider government, financial services regulators, industry and other relevant stakeholders, to identify and address emerging issues, and ensure a joined-up approach with other related areas of work. For example, to ensure that overall digital currencies policy is shaped coherently and in a joined-up way across Treasury.

  5. Develop and steer the Treasury’s project management and governance approach for CBDC, drawing together the right expertise and resources across many organisations.

  6. Support Ministers’ activities in Parliament, including responding to Committee enquiries, supporting debates on relevant issues, and responding to requests for information from MPs and Lords.

  7. Represent and advance the Treasury’s interests in international engagement on CBDC, including continued UK input into G7 work on CBDC, as well as considering security and resilience issues relating to CBDC with relevant parts of government. Ongoing engagement with other finance ministries will be important.


The best expert go-to-person is Richard Turrin who has a clear perspective on what is really happening in CBDC. LINKEDIN:


Richard and I study the same global occurrences, strategically, we see things the same way. You'll find that Richard also speaks to the Yuan CBDC and BRICS impact on US Petro Dollar and the decline of the US Dollar. Which we are trying to prevent! However, Richard's knowledge of CBDC is much deeper in detail, and he really should be the one for you to follow. We are both expert on China cross border payments and commerce, but Richard is the man on the ground.


Years ago, I predicted (on Quora) that CBDC would eventually replace most cryptocurrencies (displacing 90% of Alt Coins) as the main medium of local, regional, national and cross border exchange. Governments allowed privateers to pay the cost of trial and error, now that the technology has been market (crash) tested, slowly but surely we are going to see Federal CBDC reserves place regulatory controls that compliance cost 90% alt coins out of existence.


Part of my rationale is knowing that between 2025 to 2030 our ageing populations reach the first of three successive generational peaks, then decline. By 2060, the opposite occurs, as declining birthrates result in a much younger population and a potential human genetic diversity crisis. The shift to Nationalised cryptographic currencies occurs between 2020 and 2050.

Meanwhile, the FIAT based FRACTAL BANKING system is well known to be a broken instrument for resource management. Pick a crisis, there are dozens of crisis worldwide. But it's the best we have, until CBDC.

The ageing population crisis is a genuine financial crisis due to the ratio by 2030 of each working person being required to pay for two pensions. Successive financial crashes has diminished retirement funds and most nations are already talking about making changes.

In some ways, the smoke and mirrors of converting to a new financial system with built in scarcity, is a great smoke screen for the panic that would ensue if the average person knew they had no pension. Eventually there will be a shift away from failed systems like Fractal Banking and Debt based currency, to new systems modelled by Quantum computing and AI.


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